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Victims’ Rights

It can happen at any time, without provocation and without warning. Anyone can be the victim of a crime, and any person’s life can change in a moment. Being a victim of a crime is a very difficult, stressful and often traumatic experience. The criminal justice system can be overwhelming and you can often feel forgotten or unimportant in the process. For some victims and families of victims, life is forever changed.

As a victim of a crime you have rights that need to be protected. At GGM, we work closely with law enforcement and the prosecutors to ensure they have all of the evidence and information they need to build the strongest case possible to hold the offender accountable for their actions. GGM can help victims and their families throughout this process.

GGM Will Fight For You

As your victim advocate we will protect your rights, keep you informed of the developments in the case, prepare you for depositions and trial testimony, and support you every step of the way. And GGM will research and evaluate any possible civil claim that you may pursue as a victim of a crime and fight to get the best result possible. Call our office today at 844-711-8025.