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Compensation After A Wrongful Death

A fatal accident typically brings several layers of hardship at once to surviving next of kin: emotional pain, financial pain and practical problems. The death of a close family member is normally hard under any circumstances, but the suddenness of an accident and the awareness of someone else’s negligence or deliberate, harmful acts can bring great anguish.

The process of mourning – including a funeral, burial and a family’s adjustment to loss – takes time and energy. In the meantime, numerous practical matters demand attention, such as opening an estate and searching for life insurance policies. A skilled, dedicated lawyer can be a reassuring ally and advocate at this time. At GGM, we are discreet as well as efficient at getting investigations underway. We carefully gather facts and evidence to evaluate accidents that have resulted in the loss of life in our clients’ families.

Reckoning Loss And Liability

Getting to know the impact of a fatality on a family is part of what we do as we prepare wrongful death claims for our clients. What hardships will the death of your loved one bring to you and other close family members? It is also important to determine and document whose negligence or what deliberate act of violence took someone’s life.

Our trial lawyers have ample experience in personal injury claims and other plaintiffs’ cases. We have a strong track record and a determination to bring about justice for our clients. We don’t just talk about it; we do it.

To learn how we can help your family after a fatality at a construction site, in a motor vehicle crash or in a slip-and-fall accident, call us at 844-711-8025 or send an email inquiry.