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Seeking Justice For People Harmed By Harmful Products

In today’s world of modern conveniences, we rely on numerous products throughout our daily lives. Everything from a fast-food cheeseburger to your child’s car seat is consumer products that, if defective, could potentially cause an injury. The injuries caused by defective products range from simple food poisoning to catastrophic injuries, including the loss of a limb or even death. Defective product lawsuits are complex, difficult to prove and often involve large corporate defendants who have unlimited resources to fight against your claims.

If a tragedy strikes due to a defective, dangerous product, it is paramount to have an aggressive, knowledgeable attorney fighting to protect your rights. A product can be dangerous or defective in either its design, its manufacturing, for failing to warn about the dangers associated with the use, or misuse, of the product, or for failing to provide adequate instructions for the use of the product. Proving the existence of a defect requires familiarity with the product, research of the manufacturing and design processes and consulting with experts to determine the exact defect that caused the product to fail.

George Feldman McDonald represents victims injured by defective products on a contingency fee basis so that everyone, regardless of economic status, has access to justice. We do not collect any attorney’s fees unless your case is successful.

Products liability cases include:

  • Defective product design: These claims involve a product that was designed in such a way that when manufactured according to that design the product is inherently dangerous when used as intended.
  • Defective manufacturing: These claims involve a product that if manufactured as designed would be safe for its intended use, but a deviation from the planned design during the manufacturing process rendered the product unsafe for its intended use.
  • Failure to warn: These claims involve a manufacturer’s failure to provide adequate warnings of inherent dangers associated with using the product as intended, warnings of dangers associated with misusing the product or for failing to provide adequate instructions for the product’s safe use.

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