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Grayson Gotham George is GFM’s “Doggie-Legal” and firm mascot. Grayson is a certified service dog who is dually trained to assist with seizure disorders and emotional support (if you ever cry in front of him he will surely kiss away your tears). Grayson (along with his mother Hailey George) earned an honorary dual degree in Psychology and Creative Writing from the Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University. Grayson is pursuing an honorary Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health, with a Specialty in Education from Florida Atlantic University, with the goal of helping Hailey provide counseling for adolescents suffering from mental illness. In addition to his studies, Grayson works full time at GFM. His daily responsibilities include wandering around the office visiting every GFM team member, munching on any lunch handouts and snacks he can convince anybody to give him, sitting in on Zoom hearings and conference calls, nuzzling clients to make the feel better about their legal issues and helping GFM’s clients and team members to de-stress. Grayson’s hourly rates vary depending on the needs of GFM’s clients.