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Vigorous Representation For People And Businesses In Contract Disputes

GGM helps individuals and organizations facing contract disputes, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in breach of contract claims and other contract-related controversies. Whether by individual action or class action, GGM will tirelessly fight for you.

GGM, weighs in heavily on the side of justice for the wronged. We don’t just claim to advocate for the cause of justice; we do it.

Recover Losses Caused By Breach Of Contract

GGM brings and defends cases involving a wide variety of contract claims, including the following:

  • Goods That Were Ordered and Paid for But Were Not Delivered
  • Real Estate Disputes for Breaches of Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Enforcement of and Challenges to Non-Compete Agreements during or after employment
  • Incomplete or Defective Remodeling or Construction Work
  • Failure of Product Manufacturers To Pay Promised Rebates
  • Failure of Product Manufacturers To Deliver Goods As Advertised/Bait and Switch

Regardless of what side of a contract dispute you are on, GGM will diligently and thoughtfully protect your interests. GGM’s attorneys work hard to solve your legal problems and will work with you to do so efficiently and cost-effectively.

We Are Prepared To Fight For You

Learn how we can help you recover the compensation, goods and/or services that are rightfully yours in a contract dispute. Call us at 844-711-8025 or email us through this website.