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Get Justice After Experiencing Losses Through Securities Fraud

Investors who lose money because of fraud by brokers and other fiduciaries or because of fraud by the companies they invested in may be able to recover compensation for their losses. Securities fraud can occur in many ways, and the attorneys in GFM’s Class Action Practice Group has been investigating, identifying and litigating securities fraud cases for decades.

GFM’s attorneys have represented thousands of individual and institutional investors, recovering more than a billion dollars for them. If you believe you are a victim of securities fraud, contact us for a free consultation to explore your potential claims.

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Contact us to investigate your claims and to explore available legal remedies in securities fraud cases involving:

  • Falsified or exaggerated claims about an investment’s likely outcomes
  • Artificially inflated reported profits or stock values
  • Insider trading that put other investors at unfair disadvantages
  • “Pump-and-dump” schemes involving third parties

GFM’s attorneys have a strong and proven track record of aggressively litigating securities fraud claims. Click here to see some of our attorneys’ successes.

Fraud Is Rampant In The World Of Stocks And Other Investments

Every year there are hundreds of securities fraud cases filed and billions of dollars recovered for defrauded investors. In fact, from 1996 – 2020 more than $115 billion has been recovered through securities fraud class actions. Yet many investors never get the benefit of these settlements because they fail to make claims and don’t get their share of the money recovered. GFM’s Class Action Practice Group is very knowledgeable regarding securities laws, securities fraud and securities class actions. If you have lost money on your investments and believe those losses are a result of fraud, contact GFM today for a free consultation.

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