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Was Your Retirement Account Or Pension Impacted By Fraud?

Learning that your retirement account or pension has diminished because of fraud is both an emotional shock and a cause for an investigation.

Our attorneys at George Gesten McDonald, help clients get answers in cases of retirement account and pension fraud. With this information, we then bring compelling claims and lawsuits on their behalf. Our goal is to recover lost resources above all.

Get To The Bottom Of How You Were Cheated

Contact our law firm to learn how we can help you pursue the compensation you deserve in a retirement fund fraud case. We don’t just talk about getting justice for our clients; we do it. Did your retirement account or pension lose value through a situation such as one or more of the following?

  • A fiduciary with your employer (your boss, the human resources department or an accountant) submitted a wrong or deliberately false retirement account number on your behalf from the start.
  • When you were hired or at any subsequent point, your employer misinformed you about your pension and retirement account rights.
  • A representative of your employer submitted false information about your payroll contributions to one or more retirement funds.
  • Your employer’s wrong advice, incomplete guidance or defective accounting resulted in greater tax liability for you.
  • Your retirement account details were leaked to an exploitive third party through a data breach.
  • When you tried to access retirement funds that you were entitled to through your late spouse’s employment, you learned that someone had impersonated you and plundered those accounts.
  • Your employer withheld your retirement fund contributions from your paychecks but did not deposit them in the respective correct accounts. Now your employer cannot account for those funds.
  • Your employer or a third party responsible to your employer misused (borrowed, stole from or invested badly) accounts that contained your retirement funds.
  • Your retirement account was embezzled by another employee or a third party hired by your employer.

Get Justice And Compensation

Our trial lawyers are committed to helping people who need our services gain access to them. We keep our overhead low and customize fee arrangements in employment and consumer fraud cases. We may represent you on a contingency basis or use a hybrid fee structure (including some upfront payment and some contingency remuneration for our services).

Learn more by calling our law offices at (833) FIND-JUSTICE or sending us an email inquiry.