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What To Do When Your Privacy Rights Have Been Violated

The concept of privacy is comprehensive and may be vague in some cases. However, when your privacy has been violated in damaging ways, you recognize it as real. When you have been tangibly harmed as a result – or if you need to put a stop to it, you may take legal action.

Did a health care provider tell your employer private information about your medical issues without your authorization? Did a bank share details about your account balances with a potential lender without your permission? These are typical examples of violations of your privacy rights. George Feldman McDonald, is dedicated to helping people pursue legal remedies that may include financial compensation and cease-and-desist orders, among other remedies.

We Don’t Just Say We Pursue Justice After Privacy Violations, We Actually Do It

Some privacy violations may be painfully personal. Were you spied upon through hidden surveillance cameras in a hotel room? Did your ex-spouse or ex-romantic partner share photos or voice recordings of you on social media or in email messages, text messages or data transfers of any variety? Has a confidante disclosed damaging personal information about you to a media outlet? Depending on the specifics of what type of privacy was violated, you may have a viable claim alleging defamation, breach of fiduciary duty or a preventable data breach by an offending person or organization.

Our plaintiffs’ attorneys are available to review the facts of your case and help you explore your legal options when your privacy rights have been violated. If you were one of multiple targets of violations of privacy (such as through hotel surveillance cameras), you may be able to initiate or join a class action lawsuit to minimize legal expenses and maximize the impact of your legal action.

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