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Was Your Personal Information Exposed Though A Data Breach?

When you do business with commercial entities or otherwise interface with responsible parties who handle your financial and/or identity information, you have every right to expect them to safeguard your sensitive, private data. Unfortunately, many people are regularly harmed through data breaches that expose them to identity theft and worse outcomes.

Perhaps you received a notification from a credit card company, a credit rating company or your mortgage lender disclosing that data was breached and personal details about you, such as the following, were likely included in the leaked information:

  • Your credit card number(s) and/or other account numbers
  • Your Social Security number
  • Your telephone number and address
  • Detailed biographical information about you
  • Your health records
  • Your work schedule
  • DNA-derived or family-based genetic information

Have You Suffered Tangible Losses Already?

Perhaps the situation is more dire than simple exposure. You may have learned that accounts were set up in your name without your authorization. You may have experienced serious losses already after your financial accounts were hacked into and altered by way of breached data. Whatever security exposure or tangible losses you have experienced by way of a data breach, you should get a solid legal opinion about resources available to you.

Contact George Gesten McDonald, for a free case analysis and advice on what to do to protect yourself. You may be able to join or start a class action or initiate an independent lawsuit against a hacking organization and/or the source company that lacked adequate cybersecurity measures.

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Our law firm was founded on the conviction that everyone in need of legal representation should have access to it. In data breach cases, as in related cases such as identity theft, forgery victimization and privacy rights violations, we work hard to help everyone in need find the most cost-effective way of pursuing justice.

We also have important tips to offer you right away about the reasonable actions that you can and should take after a data breach. For example, freezing or closing breached accounts and alerting credit rating companies can protect you and may strengthen your legal claim over a data breach or any type of consumer fraud.

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