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Securing Justice Through Class Action Lawsuits

When large corporations behave unethically or illegally, resulting in a violation of your rights, it often feels as if there is no recourse. These corporations have teams of lawyers and nearly unlimited resources to defend themselves. At the law firm of George Feldman McDonald, we are dedicated to vindicating the rights of those who have been injured by corporate fraud and noncompliance with federal and state laws in the United States.

More Than $1 Billion Recovered In Class Action Claims

With a nationwide scope, our Class Action Practice Group is led by attorneys Lori G. Feldman, the Chairperson, and David J. George, the Managing Member of GFM. Lori and David have been appointed Lead or Co-Lead Counsel in a wide variety of consumer and securities fraud class actions as well as in leadership positions in multidistrict litigation matters. They have successfully recovered in excess of $1.25 billion for their clients through class action litigation during the course of their careers.

What Are Class Action Lawsuits?

Class action litigation, unlike individual claims, relies on the “strength in numbers” principle by joining all those class members to consolidate the legal process. This strategy allows multiple claimants to work together to seek justice and hold the bad actor fully responsible.

We handle all kinds of class action cases, including:

Our lawyers are well-versed in all aspects of handling these cases, including:

  • Evaluating the legal grounds for class action claims
  • Resolving questions of law that can arise in class action claims
  • Selecting class representatives
  • Pursuing class certifications, typically in federal court
  • Negotiating class action settlements, which may include punitive damages
  • Securing preliminary approval
  • Navigating class action final approval hearings
  • Providing notice to class members, including a reasonable period for intervening

We have the skills, knowledge and proven experience to see these complex and often challenging cases all the way through.

What Are The Benefits Of Pursuing A Class Action Claim?

These cases provide an important check on the power of corporations and small businesses to get away with breaking the law at the expense of consumers. Through a class action claim, you can put a stop to injustice, holding companies accountable and deterring other businesses from engaging in similar illegal conduct. A successful claim can also provide significant compensation as well as injunctive relief to prevent future misconduct.

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