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What You Need To Know About Class Action Litigation

When large corporations behave unethically or illegally resulting in a violation of your rights, it often feels as if there is no recourse. These corporations have teams of lawyers and nearly unlimited resources to defend themselves. George Gesten McDonald is dedicated to vindicating the rights of those who have been injured by corporate fraud and non-compliance with federal and state laws.

We Are Here To Help

GGM’s Class Action Practice Group is led by Chairperson Lori G. Feldman and Managing Member David J. George. Lori and David have been appointed lead or co-lead counsel in a wide variety of consumer and securities fraud class actions as well as in leadership positions in Multidistrict Litigation matters. Lori and David have successfully recovered in excess of $1.25 billion for their clients through class action litigation. GGM’s Class Action Practice Group handles a variety of cases, including:

Class action litigation relies on the “strength in numbers” principle by joining all those class members to consolidate the legal process. This strategy allows multiple claimants to work together to hold the bad actor fully responsible. This unique area of law is an efficient and effective way of obtaining justice for as many victims as possible while increasing the likelihood that the bad actor changes its practices that led to the lawsuit.

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Contact Lori or David today by calling 844-711-8025 or locally at 561-232-6002 to schedule your free consultation. Do not delay! There are important deadlines associated with every case, including a Statute of Limitations.