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Standing Up For The Underdogs In Consumer Rights Cases

Businesses sometimes take advantage of individual customers/consumers through fraud, deceptive and unfair practices, and a litany of other unethical practices that often lead to serious financial loss and emotional turmoil. These fraudulent practices are often difficult to uncover and prove. It may feel like there is no recourse for the “little guy” because the “big guns” have teams of attorneys and unlimited resources to fight their battles.

At George Feldman McDonald, we take on fraudsters big and small. Our consumer rights attorneys are dedicated to vindicating underdogs whose rights have been trampled by businesses intent on making a buck. We are well-versed in federal and state consumer protection laws. When you reach out to us, our lawyers will evaluate your claim on an individual basis and determine if your case has the potential to be the foundation for class action litigation.

What Are Consumer Rights?

There are various consumer protection laws at the federal and state levels that protect against defective or unfair business practices, financial scams and the like. Common types of consumer protection cases include:

  • Consumer Fraud: These claims involve cases in which the consumer was deceived for monetary gain. Credit card scams and EB-5 investor visa scams are two examples.
  • Misleading or False Advertising: These claims involve any cases in which advertisements presented false, misleading or dubious information about a product or service. This can include intentional deception, failure to provide a source for unproven information used to present the product or service, or other intentionally misleading information intended to deceive the consumer, such as “bait and switch” advertising.
  • Privacy and Data Breaches: Consumers have important privacy rights when it comes to sensitive identifying personal data, credit reports and health information. When businesses or organizations jeopardize the security of this data, they expose people to identity theft and other potential consequences.
  • Predatory lending: These claims involve any case in which the lender ignored or hindered the ability of the borrower to pay back a debt for the benefit of the lender. This can be done through loans that are unfair, fraudulent or deceptive.

Our lawyers are dedicated advocates for consumer interests who handle these claims on a nationwide basis. We have the skill and experience to take on tough opponents – such as loan service providers, creditors and powerful corporations – in the pursuit of justice.

How Do You Get Started?

Call us toll-free at 844-711-8025 or send us a message to speak with a member of our team for your free consultation. We can walk you through your options for taking legal action. The sooner you reach out, the better your chances of success are, since strict deadlines apply to these cases.